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The secret ingredients

Transforming Agriculture to Sustainable Agro Business



A proprietary technological solution (Freedome) and protocol (Fruit fly Certified Trade Zone) suitable to effectively control the most significant group of pests for fruit and vegetable growers in Africa and Asia - fruit flies.
The solution does not require spraying or releasing chemicals to the environment, while reduces the infestation and loss of produce from its current state of 50%, to export quality 0.01% to 1% (Israeli standard).
The Technology is unique in effectiveness , and cost efficiency . There is no comparable solution that deals with fruit Flies using “smells” in such a non-harmful way to the environment.
The Impact of Freedome that it results in immediate reduction of infestation , increase in output quality and quantity resulting in a immediate payback of one year.


Supply Chain

Amazon Like Farm to Table Solution

A tailor-made farm-to-table solution for smallholders in emerging economies for marketing fresh produce to premium markets.

  • EXPORT - Dream Valley's full name is Dream Valley National Export Program. It is about changing the National agro sector through accessing products to export - premium markets.

  • ISRAEL INSPIRED - Dream Valley takes influence from the successful Israeli model that enabled to turn poor Israeli farmers into successful ones, and Israel into a leader in the global agro tech-industry.

  • FULL PACKAGE - Dream Valley does for farmers what Amazon is doing for SMEs and much more; It democratizes nations’ and farmers' access to state-of-the-art technologies, services, markets, and everything needed to succeed


Busines Model

CReating profitable Sustainable Agro Businness

Dream Valley has developed a state-of-the-art, tailor-made business model for developing and emerging economies, inspired by the Israeli agricultural business model.

1. Export – an advanced export-oriented agricultural sector with a built-in marketing platform.

2. Ecosystem – creating an advanced agro-ecosystem, which includes all stakeholders; business, scientific, professional, government.

3. Sharing – a strategic partnership between the private and the public sectors, where the private sector is implementing the government vision.

The Business Model is based on three steps to prosperity:

1) QUALITY - Stop yield loss (crop protection).

2) QUANTITY - Increase productivity per hectare.

3) MARKETING – Sell the produce in premium markets for a premium price.

Agronomist with Tablet
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Planting trees for the Agro Busuness Revolution

Healthier Fruits

There is unlimited  consumer demand for:

ØHigher quality

ØSpray free

ØBetter tasting fruits

The global processed mango products market size is currently at 60 million tons with an estimated value of $20 billion.

Mango is being used as the first user case as this a high value crop. Unlimited Potential by adding more Crops

Dream Valley enables higher quality direct exports to Premium Markets.


By tapping into the dream valley model, countries can set up national agro industries.

With the support of Dream Valley which promotes solid business models, increased income, and reduced farming risks they will be better positioned to raise sustainable finance bonds through private & government partnerships to carry out national agro revitalization programs. Helping Small farmers to move from poverty to prosperity raise sustainable finance bonds though private & government partnerships  to carry out national agro revitalization programs. Helping Small farmers to move from poverty to prosperity



Reverse the decline of Fruit Trees around the world caused by pests.
Reducing the use of harmful sprays
Reducing Food waste – preventing physical destroying the wasted produce caused by pests.
By showing that Farming can be
it will encourage farmers to plant new trees and farms
Establishment of new commercial Fruit Farms
profitable, it will encourage farmers to plant new trees and farms
•Establishment of new commercial Fruit Farms

About: Our Technology
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