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Unlocking Investment and Business Opportunities with Dream Valley

Welcome to Dream Valley, where faith, persistence, and innovation converge to address some of the world's most pressing challenges while offering exciting investment and business opportunities.

Our Story of Faith and Persistence

We find ourselves in a world facing a convergence of global catastrophes—an alarming outcome of what can be described as a "perfect storm." This convergence is the result of existing social and environmental issues, compounded by rapid population growth and critical vulnerabilities in the food production chain, as exemplified by events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing Ukrainian war.

Current Challenges We're Confronting

  1. Demand for Healthier Produce: Consumers increasingly seek pesticide-free, fresh produce in premium markets.

  2. Chemical Dominance in Agriculture: The agro market remains dominated by unhealthy chemical pesticides, posing risks to both the environment and human health.

  3. Persistent Poverty among Farmers: Despite the infusion of billions in AgTech investments, smallholder farmers continue to live in poverty and face food insecurity.

  4. Food (Bio) Security at Risk: Political, logistical, and weather-related events continue to threaten our food security.

The question arises: What can be done to confront these formidable global challenges? Is it even possible to challenge them effectively?

At Dream Valley National Export Platform (Dream Valley), we believe not only is it possible but also essential to address these global risks through a business-oriented approach. We've embarked on this journey, and here's our story.

Dream Valley: Where Innovation Meets Purpose

Dream Valley emerged as a spinoff from Biofeed, a globally recognized leader in developing and producing non-spray crop protection solutions. Biofeed's groundbreaking Freedome technology, developed in Israel and deployed since 2016, has shown remarkable success in combatting the infestation of fruit flies, a major threat to crop yields. By virtually eliminating fruit loss, this technology increases marketable produce by 100% to 300%, reduces food waste, and enhances produce quality.

However, despite the income surge generated by Freedome technology, smallholder farmers in impoverished regions often lack access to vital technologies, services, and premium/export markets.

Dr. Nimrod Israely, the founder and CEO of Biofeed, observed these stark disparities in farmers' incomes between developed and non-developed economies. Recognizing that farmers need more than just cutting-edge technology to thrive, he had a visionary realization.

Bridging the Gap: Dream Valley's Mission

Dr. Nimrod founded Dream Valley with a mission to bridge the gap for farmers in non-developed economies.

Dream Valley provides a complete value and supply chain, which, thanks to a novel business model, enables the connection of agro-input suppliers, farmers in developing economies, and consumers in premium markets over one platform. DV's flag product is fresh mangos, grown regeneratively, free of sprays and fertilizers. Farmers benefit from year-on-year increases in income.


The Sustainable Business Model

Dream Valley has developed an innovative and sustainable business model over the past five years. It works by engaging subscribed farmers who pre-pay a nominal amount for the services and technologies they acquire. The bulk of Dream Valley's income is derived from commissions earned by selling branded, eco-friendly, high-quality produce.

Proven Success

In 2021, Dream Valley completed a large-scale demonstration in which it helped an African country double its mango exports in a single season. This achievement underscores Dream Valley's ability to apply its core zero-spray technology across various scenarios.

Join the Dream Valley Revolution

Dream Valley is not just a concept; it's an Amazon-like farm-to-table solution that addresses critical global challenges while creating compelling investment and business opportunities.

If you want to learn more, receive additional information, or be contacted by one of our sales representatives, please fill out the form below:

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