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Our story of Faith and persitence

We are witnessing a rollout of global catastrophe as a result of “a perfect storm”; existing social and environmental problems, amplified by rapid population growth, and critical failures in the food production chain, as we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic and now with the Ukrainian war.

Current Challenges

  • Demand for healthier, pesticide free fresh produce in premium markets.

  • Agro market dominated by unhealthy chemical  pesticides spraying.

  • Smallfarm holders still living in poverty and hunger despite billions + agtech directed to their activities.

  • Food (bio) security at risk with political, logistics and weather events

What can we do to face those global challenges? Is it even possible to challenge those?

We at Dream Valley National Export Platform (Dream Valley) believe there is a way to challenge those global risks on a business base, and we started practicing it.

Dream Valley is a spinoff of the successful technological company, Biofeed, a world leader in developing and producing non-spray crop protection solutions. Biofeed developed its Freedome technology in Israel, where it has been used since 2016, and on a demo scale in India (2017) and Africa (2018).

By using the Freedome zero-spray solution, farmers can reduce the infestation of the most damaging bio-security pests, fruit flies, from its current state of 30% to 80% fruit loss, to practically zero loss. Hence, increasing marketable quantity by 100% to 300%, reducing food waste, and producing healthier produce for us and the environment.

Even with such a colossal income increase, smallholders living in poverty couldn't get access to vital technologies, services, and access to premium/export markets.

Dr. Nimrod Israely, the founder and CEO of Biofeed, noticed the massive gaps between farmers’ income in developed and non-developed economies.

Dr. Nimrod had an epiphany when understanding that for farmers to utilize advanced technologies fully; they need to be part of an advanced and proper ecosystem and use suitable business models.

As a result, Dr. Nimrod founded Dream Valley to bridge the gap for farmers of non-developed economies by providing them with a complete Package from the field to the shelf.

Dream Valley does for farmers what Amazon did to SMEs and much more; it democratizes farmers' access to state-of-the-art technologies, services, markets, and everything farmers need to succeed.

Thanks to a novel sustainable business model the Dream Valley developed in the past five years, this is possible.

The business principle is working with subscribed farmers, which pre-pay a partial (small) amount for the services and technologies they purchase.

Dream Valley collects most of its income from commissions on selling branded eco-friendly, high-quality produce.

In 2022 Dream Valley completed a large-scale demo in which it helped an African country double its mango export in one season.

After five years of fieldwork, Dream Valley established its model, market connections, good reputation and professionality, and the ability to apply its core zero-spray technology under various scenarios.

The Result: - an Amazon like farm to the table solution

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